Who we are


Active Shareholder

Pentahold acts as an active shareholder being involved in determining the strategy and vision of the business. Defining and monitoring the financial and strategic objectives is a crucial part of our approach. As management is an essential partner in defining and executing the strategic plans, Pentahold is actively involved in the selection and recruitment of the management team.

Added value

The management team of Pentahold has since 1999 experience as an active partner of successful companies across the Benelux. These experiences in sectors as food and beverages, machine building, applied chemistry, retail and pharmaceuticals in combination with a vast network enable Pentahold to create an added value in countless situations. Pentahold intends to add value by being a soundboard for the management, without any intentions to execute the daily management itself, and by providing a gateway to the investors' and management network containing valuable contacts with extensive industrial and financial competences.

Medium to Long Term

Pentahold acts as a stable shareholder not subject to any constraints typical to "traditional" private equity houses pertaining to a short investment horizon for its participations. Pentahold aims to systematically create shareholder value by growth of its portfolio through long term commitment and industrial vision. Where private equity funds mostly aim to maximize leverage, Pentahold purposes a more conservative approach to debt financing.


The shareholder structure is well-balanced and composed of 5 private entrepreneurial investors and the management. Their contribution is not limited to financial resources, also their extensive expertise and network are put to the disposal of Pentahold and its investments. They share the same passion: entrepreneurship to make a business grow. They understand what it takes to make a business grow and what’s crucial to govern a company.